Surprise! Surprise! The Answers Aren’t Always There!

I get to join the rest of the people who are adjusting to new insurance plans this year.   My company changed coverages, albeit the changes are somewhat slight.  Some are actual improvements, some are definite changes.  Most straightforward but a few that should be simple are anything but that.

I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out my prescriptions. The prices & classifications (tiers) are not the issue. It’s where I can get them from & how many pills at a time.  It doesn’t really say, for sure, in a clear manner.

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Worthwhile IndieGoGo for “Lungies”

I recently found a great Kickstarter project called Dr. Poket for medication management & I did this blog post about it.  But one of my support group friends/Gift of Life stay buddies posted about this IndieGoGo project the same day (on Facebook) I found this company. The company’s  product account also connected with me on Twitter that same morning.  I was very excited about this device too because one thing that will never go away for me – either now, or after my lung transplant – is the need to measure my lung function on a regular basis…

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Mega Mergers & Anti-Trust Issues Aren’t Limited to Cable, Tech, & Drug Companies

Everyone remembers hearing about the the giant hullabaloo that was the Comcast-Time Warner merger.  Some may even remember the 2000 case US Versus Microsoft.  Well, now we come full circle, but I’m not sure as many people know about this potential monopoly, though they should care…

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Internet Trolling Is Everywhere…Even in Transplant World

Normally, I read comments on articles for comedic value & can roll with the punches. Even punches from someone who clearly has no clue what they’re talking about.  However, this weekend I was rubbed the wrong way & maybe it’s the rawness of what I’ve been through the past few months that triggered it.

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Bag of Mixed Blessings

So this article popped up in a few of my groups recently & on Facebook pages I follow (like The Lung Transplant Foundation‘s page).  I found this intriguing for a few reasons.

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