Squeaky Wheels Do Get Greased… Eventually

I guess politely laying down the law as I did on Friday must have gotten my oxygen company to move much more quickly.

I received a call this morning.  I was dreading it so I let it go to voicemail because I was just getting moving & needed a minute to take a breath to be calm.

I called back & asked specifically what was being delivered since I didn’t want a re-run of Friday.

I also gave them more insights as to what was & wasn’t working.  Like the unit will charge normally until it gets below half, then it fails to charge properly & charges super slowly.

I was immensely relieved to find they did bring me a new set-up at 10:30 this morning & it appears to be working much better. They also included new chargers.

It’s the small victories.

I seriously was thinking today was going to be another day of flack & then possibly having to look at changing suppliers because this is how these exchanges have typically gone.

Perhaps I still may at some point but at least it’s not something I have to stress about immediately. Then I don’t have to stress on Thursday when I’m going down to my center for a check up if I’m going to have enough juice to get me there and back.

Score one for this week being on the upswing (hopefully)…




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