From NHS Trust: Transplant Patient Comes Face To Face With His Old Heart

This article really struck a cord as I read it.   It reminds me of the reasons why I filled out a consent form to donate my old lungs to LAM research & also at least get tested to see if any of my other organs or tissues could be donated to someone who needed them.

I have to imagine this felt pretty surreal for Kieran but in a very fulfilling way.

For a few years, I’d served as a consumer reviewer for the CDMRP weighing in on research proposals.

I have always felt similarly to Kieran about the importance of donating to research & following the progression of research in one’s own illness(es).

When enough time would pass & I’d see those proposals I had helped weigh in on publish & lead to new insights into my diseases, it made me very hopeful & excited.

I’m sincerely hoping for the same good to come from my old lungs when the time comes.

I’m passionate about this end of donation too.

If you  think you can’t donate to someone else because of your health condition(s)/disease(s), perhaps you could draft something to donate organs & tissue to research for that health condition/disease.

It can still save a life in a meaningful way in the end run.

(Photo credit: Photo is taken from the article)


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