HB30: PA Organ Donation Advocates Band Together To Support Lifesaving Legislation

The last time I heard about this issue, I bugged my state representatives about this  important piece of legislation that affects organ donation here in PA.

I see I will be doing more of the same soon as help is needed again.

In trying to make sure HB 30 passes,  so much good information has been circulating as to how critical this bill really is. (Moreso than I initially heard about).

I just came across two great sources to share in this regard with more information.

The first is from Save A Life Now, PA. It talks about the an ugly statistic & instance where PA ranks “dead first” in blocking organ donations.   I was astounded to find out that this problem was a huge hole & blocking several life saving donations or that it could cause willing donors wishes to be completely disregarded.

The second  source is “Don’t Kill Bill” which is a great video made by someone in Lancaster & styled in the tradition of  SchoolHouse Rock.

Very recently several organ donor families & transplant recipients trekked to Harrisburg (our state’s capital) to support the efforts to get this legislation passed.

(But I also like to keep the pressure up in the weeks that follow those treks to keep this on the mind of legislators for however long it takes. I hope others will too.)

Gift of Life Donor Program has an excellent summary for those people wondering what the bill WILL & WON’T do to clarify the issue & combat misinformation that has sprung up surrounding the legislation.

(Photo credit:  Past statistic circulated in support of HB30)





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