HB30: PA Organ Donation Advocates Band Together To Support Lifesaving Legislation

The last time I heard about this issue, I bugged my state representatives about this  important piece of legislation that affects organ donation here in PA.

I see I will be doing more of the same soon as help is needed again.

In trying to make sure HB 30 passes,  so much good information has been circulating as to how critical this bill really is. (Moreso than I initially heard about).

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News Article: 107-Year-Old Becomes Scotland’s Oldest Organ Donor

I think this is a cool story.

I know some serious athletes that are older than average that do amazing things like iron man competitions when most people are thinking of just taking a relaxing retirement.

I say if the organs are in good shape & usable to someone, why not?

Good for this woman for donating her corneas to give the gift of sight to someone else.   What an awesome legacy to leave!

Another Myth bites the dust!

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Myth Busting: Charges For Organ Donation


This just hasn’t been sitting right with me since it happened.  Though I will not mention names, in the best interest of myself & my ability to speak openly I unfollowed & unfriended this person on social media outlets.

This is something I don’t do lightly, especially when it’s someone I’m in groups & share diseases with, but in this instance it just felt like the right thing to do.

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Weighing in On Transplant & Donation Policy: Public Voice Does Matter!

One of the things I learned from my local support group is one thing that UNOS (The United Network for Organ Sharing) really does well is to ask the public to weigh in on proposed policy changes in both the transplant & donor sectors.

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Time To Bust The Celebrity Organ Donation Myth

One of the things that recently unnerved me as of late is the adamant perpetuation & belief of an outdated myth. The myth that states just because you’re a celebrity, it some how gives you elevated status on the transplant list or a way to game the system.  This simply is untrue & dangerous to keep perpetuating as reality.

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Internet Trolling Is Everywhere…Even in Transplant World

Normally, I read comments on articles for comedic value & can roll with the punches. Even punches from someone who clearly has no clue what they’re talking about.  However, this weekend I was rubbed the wrong way & maybe it’s the rawness of what I’ve been through the past few months that triggered it.

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Organ Donation: Myths, Facts & Hope

I do talk a lot about “debunking” transplant & organ donation myths.  However, I didn’t do it quite as well as these sources…If you’re on the fence, get the facts; give these a read & then decide for yourself.

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