REBLOG: From The Life You Gave Me Blog

I’m sharing this link because Nechama reached out to me (& a few others) & asked us to contribute to National Invisible Awareness Month (held each September).

Ever so worthy a cause & because both of my diseases are rare & often truly invisible especially in many of us who have them, I gladly reached out to her to participate.

I added a few links to worthy organizations on my illnesses for others to learn more & then she added a few things she noticed & some sources of her own.

It was really fun working with Nechama & I’m glad she was asking me & a few others in the Chronic Illness Blogger Network to participate in this project with her.  I like her blog as well. She seems to have some nice, practical & positive tips in it.

Feel free to check it out for yourself.

(Photo credit: I found this in a general google image search & felt it a fitting graphic for the topic. Source:


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