REBLOG: From The Life You Gave Me Blog

I’m sharing this link because Nechama reached out to me (& a few others) & asked us to contribute to National Invisible Awareness Month (held each September).

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Unsolicited Advice – Also Thanks, But No Thanks!

My post yesterday about what happened in my ShopRite, a comment by a blogger friend, & discussions with my disability friends about the #SoInspired hashtag on Twitter last week brought back more memories of unwanted “assistance.”

These incidents happened when my illnesses were still invisible (for the most part).  Yet it triggers feelings that are just as strong as the reaction I had to a stranger invading my space.

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Time To Bust The Celebrity Organ Donation Myth

One of the things that recently unnerved me as of late is the adamant perpetuation & belief of an outdated myth. The myth that states just because you’re a celebrity, it some how gives you elevated status on the transplant list or a way to game the system.  This simply is untrue & dangerous to keep perpetuating as reality.

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“Yes And” Is the New “Just Do It!”

I’ve always enjoyed comedy, but I’m a fairly serious person. In fact, sometimes I can be downright anal when it comes to certain elements in my life.   But people sometimes will laugh at things I say & do because I find humor in things that others don’t.  It’s sometimes off-beat, corny, dry & snarky.  But it’s always been (to some degree) a defense mechanism.

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