Another Random (Yet Applicable) Post…

I did have to say I chuckled as I read this.   I do know it to be true.

My friends & I have two cats & although they can be a pain sometimes, they definitely are characters & sometimes do sense when I’m having a hard time & will sit & purr in an attempt to do what this article suggests.

My blood pressure when stressed does go down significantly if I take a minute to breathe & pet them.

However, they aren’t allowed in my bedroom anymore to avoid any breathing issues with spreading dander where I sleep.

I found that infographic in the body of the article extremely interesting too.

I am glad I do have pets.  Though I am not glad when they decide “go time” is 4am.  But such is life.

My therapist has a wonderful dog she’s training for pet therapy & service.   This animal too has an uncanny knack for really reading someone & knowing when they need some extra love & emotional support.

When I’ve had some tough appointments, that newfie has just laid at my feet or snuggled me trying to make me feel better as I make sense & come to terms with different parts of this journey.

I’m grateful for that animal too.

I do feel for people who love animals but have severe pet allergies.  There are some days I definitely know would be harder to take without pets in the mix.





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