Livid! Beyond Words….

Tell me, what kind of company & customer service is this?  This is the email I wake up to this morning after being told yesterday there was no issues with bringing me more e-tanks (large size oxygen tanks):

Good Morning,

In speaking with management, we are informed that [company redacted] is no longer able to service your area. As far as today’s delivery, we will not be able to deliver.

I am more then willing to transfer your paperwork and information to another company of your choice.

Thank you.

I don’t even know where to begin.  I replied with the name & number to my old oxygen company which I only switched away from to get the NIOV, which turned out not to work for me for very long.

I went through 10 tanks this week and on average go through 10-12 and you tell me the day after I call for my weekly delivery you’re just going to stop delivering to me?  WTF…. This is FUCKING oxygen, people (excuse my curse).

This was after yesterday where some jerk took off my grill making an illegal turn. No damage to his truck of course….he at least stopped to be sure I was ok and exchanged information and waited after I decided to have the police take the report.

But seriously, the universe needs to stop playing jokes….This is just too much in 24 hours…even for me….

I’m going to hold on to their damn equipment though until I’m sure the transfer has gone through.

This really just sucks…

Furthermore, I don’t trust them to handle this so I called my old company myself to find out what they need.  At least I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so if we need an updated script it won’t be an issue…and I always have a stockpile of tanks just in case.



2 thoughts on “Livid! Beyond Words….

  1. I think I held my breath until I read the last bit. That you have a stock pile of tanks, just in case. Oh thank goodness!!
    The universe has been warned. I’m sure it will turn around.

    What a bitch though.

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