Article: Ward + Robes Lets Young Patients Throw A Bit of Style Into Their Hospital Stay

I’m totally behind this idea.  I’m glad the Globe & Mail called attention to it.  I admit I’m even a tad envious.

I’m glad the Starlight Foundation is doing this for their youth.  (Feature image used is taken from the Starlight Foundation website.)

I know here in the U.S. we do have some places that make personalized robes.

Such places like Gownies & Annie & Isabel do similar gowns however they are fairly pricey for most people.  I’m sure they are worth it.

Many of the designs & styles that these types of companies produce are also geared to nursing moms, which makes sense marketing wise, but still poses some design issues for women without children & younger people as a whole.

I hope this idea catches on more & that U.S. hospitals will allow patients to wear some of these as a more comfortable alternative.

Especially if they have the core functionality of the drab, vanilla,  run-of-the-mill robes.

Even though the feature image shown is geared towards a teen patient, I’d be down to wear it, too.








3 thoughts on “Article: Ward + Robes Lets Young Patients Throw A Bit of Style Into Their Hospital Stay

  1. Hospital robes …… LOL

    Have a transplant and ALL modesty goes out the window …… random people will have seen places on your body that you’ve never seen. And that is, a fact!


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