Guest Blog Share: I Need To Tell You I’m Having A Panic Attack

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing some of Erin Gilmer’s work from her blog.

Just so I have a few posts ahead of time in the summer months in case I get that transplant call.

But I would have ended up sharing this one at some point regardless.  Because it’s an important subject to discuss.

As someone who has had panic attacks from medical & other situations from time to time,  I might have at least found this particular option & suggestion in her post useful to consider or have to adapt on my own for when I was feeling massively overwhelmed.

Hell, I still might at some point if I need it.

I’m passing it along just in case it resonates with someone else too.

 Actually,  I almost tempted but serious when I say this want to pass out “roid rage” cards for after I take prednisone (when I have to) because that drug just triggers my bad side on a whole new level. I’m not using it at as an excuse when I say it’s hard to control & manage the mood & temper changes it invokes.

Any transplant or lung disease patient I’m sure will also back me up on this.



3 thoughts on “Guest Blog Share: I Need To Tell You I’m Having A Panic Attack

  1. Thanks Nikki, I haven’t had a chance to update with b the cards I developed bit I’ll send you a copy do you can post them here. I encourage anyone to use or amend them to their needs. I just ask that no one try to profit off them or a similar version based off them. Thanks!

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