Goodbye My Lungs…

I had such a swirl of emotion during that time of my dry run.  I had always thought about doing a goodbye letter to my lungs but wasn’t quite sure about it.  I talk about that here in this past post.

At certain intervals along the way when it still looked like it was going to be a go, I started talking to my lungs.  Putting my hands over them & soothing and thanking them.  Maybe that sounds weird to people, but it’s something like I felt I needed to do.   I had a sense that even if they couldn’t articulate it or express it, they are a part of me and are feeling something.

They are overdue for a rest.   Though it wasn’t the Saturday of my dry run, I think my body senses the time is really drawing near soon.

After I napped & worked through my exhaustion a letter came tumbling out.   I don’t think I will post it here, or at least not now, but I may share it with some family and friends later.

I also asked a researcher for pictures if & when the transplant happens so I have closure.

It’s one thing to see them so beat up on CT but I somewhat really do feel a need to see them.

I know other transplant patients have done this & it’s brought them comfort in letting go too.

But for now, I’m happy “my girls” are still with me.  They have a home here for as long as it takes & will always have a home here with me in my soul or elsewhere, always remembered.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye My Lungs…

  1. Post transplant, I’ve met a couple of people that have had a “funeral” for their deceased heart. No tissue was actually used, obviously, it was more of a spiritual event.

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