I Thought I Had Problems…

This is a random post, although on a serious biological matter.  Something everyone does, both human & animal…

I posted about this because my doctors started me on a pain medication regimen recently & one of the fears I had about being on what they gave me is that I tend to get really bound up (constipated) from those types of medications even just taking sporadic doses sometimes (this is no matter what I take or do).

I couldn’t help but feel bad, but also see a tinge of solidarity in the tribulations of sloths & some of their habits.

I feel this way for a few reasons:

1.  I can only imagine the pain they must endure with something most of us take for granted.

2.  I have some friends & LAM sisters who pass around cute sloth & other baby animal photos when we need cheering up (& the article had one).

They are not my favorite animal, or even the cutest out there – but there’s just something about them I still find charming & interesting.

So here I have it, the next time I complain about being bound up  I’m going to try & be grateful I’m a human & not a sloth.

I’ll look back at this post & remind myself that some of my issues may only be temporary, not necessarily a way of life.

(In saying this I am also not attempting to minimize or poke fun at anyone who struggles with bowel issues either.)

The Very Dangerous Ordeal Of A Sloth Pooping

(Amazing the things we think about when we are in the hospital or at random moments…)


3 thoughts on “I Thought I Had Problems…

  1. I had no idea Sloths had this problem. Though it makes sense that their bowels work slowly like the rest of their bodies. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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