REBLOG: #Spoonie Yoga Crew

I love this idea,  & have often felt the same way.   As my lung disease has progressed, certain positions have become harder to do & others send me spiking or cause intense pain.

I intend to complete the survey & will be watching to see what comes out of this.  It’s very easy for people to say suck it up & do it, but it’s another to have to limit yourself to certain exercises or only doing certain things for a period of time due to resources, but then also physical symptoms & safety.

Exercising at 20 percent or less lung function is a way different ballgame & while I’m fortunate to have pulmonary rehab & had success exercising on my own unmonitored until very recently, it’s an immense challenge to even get 3 days a week in.   Also I have to be very careful & mindful of not only my oxygen saturation (levels) & flow but also my heart rate. I tend to sometimes be prone to spiking doing very simple exercise.  (Oh the joys of end-stage lung disease!)

There’s also fine line as well between worked & exhaustion.

My main source of frustration with exercise with lung disease in general is that most of the exercise is geared towards the older population.

Although my rehab currently I will say has equipment & a program that doesn’t feel like just “old people exercise”.  I’ve also been fortunate of the 4 or so sessions of pulmonary rehab I’ve had in my life both inpatient or outpatient there were at least 2 other centers too that did try to gear their programs towards me & try to make them more dynamic & age appropriate.

I don’t mean any ageism by this observation  but it is true (at least in my experiences) that this predominately because treatments & exercises for lung diseases in general (with a few exceptions) are heavily focused on certain diagnoses.  Those diagnoses do seem to affect a predominately older populace.

I agree especially for those with increasing disability who are younger there are very few programs geared towards our needs.  I think it’s great that someone who understands this all too well is getting input from our larger community (regardless of diagnosis) to come up with more workable options.





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