Article: How IoT Helps Transplant Surgeons Track Organ Shipments

I found this article intriguing.

(IoT stands for Internet of Things, btw. Here’s a somewhat helpful explanation of that concept).

The article above is focused on how networking & technology help surgeons track organs.

It’s this kind of behind the scenes “stuff” about my own process that makes me really excited & keenly interested.  I always wonder how they handle it when organs become available & know roughly the process but not some of the tools they might use to help in that coordination effort.

I know it takes a high degree of coordination & detail that the public isn’t always privy to.

I always was curious how technology played a role, now I have a better understanding even if this doesn’t apply across the board to all centers.

Fascinating read.


One thought on “Article: How IoT Helps Transplant Surgeons Track Organ Shipments

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the article. Much appreciated. Amazing how things have evolved just in the past 9 years. I know from my billing statements that there was a HUGE expense just to go get the organ ($66K in travel expenses alone, i.e they took the hospital’s jet) Regardless, this was a very interesting article.

    When you have the time and energy, I encourage you to visit your OPO and take a tour. For you, The Gift of Life Donor Program? (401 N 3rd St – I’m very familiar with the area) I toured mine and I’m still in awe of what I saw and learned – here’s the post from that particular event from 3+ years ago –

    Be well and thanks again!

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