HuffPo Blog: When the Time Comes, Could You Let Go & Die?

I have a very good feeling about my transplant & my ability to recover & squeeze some more time out of my life.  That said I’m not naive,  I know even the strongest have had blood clots post transplant, or factors beyond their control happen that changed the outcome.  This is also not my first dance with that ever blurry line between living & dying.

When I was in the position in 2007 after two brushes with death, I learned to let go.  It was hard. I was younger & my mortality at the time was difficult to accept.  However,  I did have a few friends who did help me with that process both knowingly and unknowingly.

So in reading this Huffington Post blog entry, so many things said resonated.

It’s not easy to talk about these things or have these conversations, but they are important.

Like many people in my position, I do not fear death.   I fear what it does to those around me. The loss of a friend, or a child is an incredibly hard thing.

Yet some of the best gifts I have to people were a silent ear to listen to people process their own journey with both life and death.  Not judge, not offer advice or input,  just listen.   Talk about subjects that others fear talking about.

Taking away the hush hush surrounding end-of-life.

I know some of the best things I did for people, including my grandmother was letting her know I’d be ok if she was tired and needed to leave.

Explaining to her not that I wanted to force her exit but if she was tired of fighting that was ok.  She could go home to the place she believed was home for rest.

She was not “losing a battle” or ceasing to “fight hard.”

She didn’t lose anything.

She was simply letting go.

This is an important conversation we all must have with ourselves at some point, regardless of age because life happens.

The blogger who penned this post, Susan R. Dolan, has quite a few interesting posts worth reading in getting conversations started about this subject & more.  Her website also has helpful videos & interesting tidbits of advice.

(The featured image in this blog post is a photo I saved & added from her personal website.  I like using the author photos on blog posts where possible to give a face to the name.)





2 thoughts on “HuffPo Blog: When the Time Comes, Could You Let Go & Die?

  1. Great post! And a well done “HuffPo” piece.

    I have found that people that have had to face and embrace their mortality can talk more easily about this subject than the masses that have never had to put any real thought into “end of life”.

    I once wrote in my blog in regard to “Does it hurt to die” ………. “So, “Does it hurt when you die?” ~ Yes and No. When you die it doesn’t hurt, the hurt remains here for others to deal with in their own way.”

    My transplant friends and I can candidly talk about death …… but if a spouse or significant other attempts to enter the conversation it will shut down quickly.

    Such is life …. and death!

    Bottom line is that EVERY day is a blessing, even the not so good ones.

    Be well, D

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