Swimming & Transplant

My transplant center has a great blog in which they highlight some important & useful information for those of us with transplants to keep in mind.

This update intrigued me because I was curious about it, because I know other centers have varying stances around swimming after transplant.

It essentially confirms what my doctor said about it, but I like the reinforcement & reminder for the future. As a candidate there’s so much to remember already. One can’t help sometimes but jump ahead & be curious as to what they can do (and when) when it comes to certain activities.

Their transplant blog also is full of useful tips like food safety & food preparation reminders after transplant.  The information isn’t just for lung recipients but other transplant recipients.  Their Health & Safety Tip section is a great resource.

They have sections for different types of transplants & some updates specifically geared towards them.

An index of entries for lung transplant related information & updates are here.

It’s not just useful information for recipients to have, but candidates waiting for organs too.

While our discharge does include a book,  I think having these links is very helpful as a memory jogger to refer back on instead of trying to rifle through something & remember what page it’s on in what section.

Because information does vary center to center, I wish more centers had a useful blog like this outlining their stances to more common & important questions for their candidates & recipients.

I also think caregivers, friends, & family may have similar questions. It’s also nice for them to have this information too, to know what activities are allowed by their loved one & ones to avoid (even if it’s only temporarily).

I did a general internet search on the subject out of curiosity and (outside of support group sites or bulletin board responses), other than my center’s blog there was little to no medical information or communication on this subject from other centers.

I do find this disappointing because both candidates & recipients do want to be mindful of their center’s recommendations on certain activities & issues.

It can be hard for them to know or remember what they are without some useful guidance like this.

I also realize not everyone finds blogs & internet information helpful or preferred. For those who do, updates like this can be very useful to have to email, print & file, or bookmark for future reference.

Especially if their center doesn’t compile a manual of some sort for them after discharge.

Or even if they do, just in case the original guidance from the center has changed.





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