Guest Blog Share: A Brief Tantrum

Erin Gilmer & I have became fast friends when we started interacting on Twitter.  She & I relate on a lot of levels what it’s like to live with chronic illness.

We’ve also spent time at the other end, dealing with the system professionally.

So while we have chops we do often wholeheartedly relate to others who complain about the system, especially when it breaks down because it’s broken down for us at times, even in spite of our best efforts to keep it from doing so.

Her blog, Health as a Human Right is chock full of great content.  Since I’m getting closer to transplant, I’m trying to schedule some content out ahead of time just in case.

Erin graciously agreed to give me permission to re-share some of her blog entries.   I’ll be re-blogging a few of them from time to time, which I am more than happy to do because I agree they are important topics to consider.

Here’s the first share:  A Brief Tantrum


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