Interesting News Article: Matt Cartwright Proposes Incentives To Spur New Organ Donors

I’ve always held Congressman Matt Cartwright in high regard (even though he’s not in my district) because he does try to take bipartisan approaches on several issues.  I was excited to see one of my local news outlets reporting on one of his new ideas.

He’s come up with a unique way to spur donors & potentially resolve a hot button issue concerning potential compensation for donors.

I have yet to touch that hot button in a blog post because I was ambivalent on how I feel about it & am still thinking on how I want to articulate my feelings.

It’s a complex issue.

However, I think his proposal is a creative & practical way to go about deepening discussion.

No cash changes hands directly,  but this method can help alleviate some financial stressors for people & ensures protections for donors.

I’d also add it would be nice for those without financial aid considerations to get a mortgage credit or something similar possibly. (Though I know the banks won’t like that too much).

I commend him for at least coming up with a interesting pilot to test to out to see if this is a feasible solution.

Read more about his proposed idea here.

(I’m not giving any spoilers.)


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