A Tiny Blip…

Just before my last appointment, I found out I had A1 rejection.

This is very common in the first year of transplant & sometimes even happens to people in the hospital before discharge from their surgery.

It’s the most minimal rejection there is.

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Interesting News Article: Matt Cartwright Proposes Incentives To Spur New Organ Donors

I’ve always held Congressman Matt Cartwright in high regard (even though he’s not in my district) because he does try to take bipartisan approaches on several issues.  I was excited to see one of my local news outlets reporting on one of his new ideas.

He’s come up with a unique way to spur donors & potentially resolve a hot button issue concerning potential compensation for donors.

I have yet to touch that hot button in a blog post because I was ambivalent on how I feel about it & am still thinking on how I want to articulate my feelings.

It’s a complex issue.

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When & How Do Recipients Say Goodbye To Their “Original” Organ(s)? Do They?

I do have a question I’d like to pose to some of my transplant friends, of whatever organ or whatever status.  I know that many transplant recipients feel compelled to write their donor families, yet how many have felt the urge to write a farewell note to their original organ(s)?

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Government Relations Needs In My Own Backyard: Action Alert for PA Friends

I know I have a little work to do very shortly.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been up to making the visits to D.C. to be out in front meeting with Representatives & Senators, showing them how medical research has had an impact on my life.  This was something I enjoyed but was fortunate enough to have good training on in to be an active & effective voice in one’s own government. I was mentored in this realm from the nonprofit I did this work on behalf of.  Yet no training is necessary….it is actually easier than most people realize once you start.

I see another opportunity here, in my own backyard, to do the same even if it’s just an email or perhaps trying to visit or call a few local offices…

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A Day in the Life

This week is Donate Life Week in Australia (Donate Life Month is April which I will have to make a mental note of for future reference).  In honor of this, but also because this cause is so important year-round (across the country & globally),  I am highlighting transplant documentaries that show factual & accurate representations of transplant journeys.

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