Here Comes The Judgement…

Shortly after Prince’s death, I posted this response as to how the use of opioids in chronic pain & illness is grossly misunderstood in most cases both in the medical community & general public.

I didn’t always need them. I’m glad I don’t have to take them daily, but I am not ashamed for using them when I need to. I refuse to feel guilty for caring for myself.

As I’ve stated before, it’s very easy to pass judgement when you’re not the one ACTUALLY in the situation.

But try living in end stage lung disease, or another problem that results in constant pain & the tune you sing may change.  It certainly did for me.

I don’t expect to be pain free taking my medication either.  I seldom am.  I just appreciate the fact that they work so I can function and am not bedridden or too weak to keep up with my listing requirements or other life activities because the pain is too intense. This keeps it at a tolerable level.

Now we’ll go through a whole cycle again of judgement & criticism of Prince since the results of the autopsy & toxicology are back with his cause of death.

I’ve only seen a few comments that are balanced. Most people are still grossly off base with judging how Prince should have handled his own situation & own personal healthcare.

Because that’s what we do in America.  Make villains out of our artists instead of seeing them as people & creators. Place them on impossible pedestals that the rest of us certainly couldn’t live up to.  In doing so, we set anyone creative up for failure when we fail to see them as human beings first.

Prince had several health issues & was intensely private.  He was deeply religious at certain points but seemed profoundly attuned to people & his surroundings, I doubt he neglected himself.  He might have made different choices based on his personal beliefs & moral compass.  But no one deserves judgement put upon them for that.

I’d like to remember the man for his music.  Not for some “failed example” that will now be pimped by several entities as a poster child for fear mongering & stigmatizing those in chronic pain.

If you want to argue he was an addict, (& lets say I’d give you that for a moment) – addicts are people too.  They deserve to not have stigmas & assumptions heaped upon them when they are attempting to right their life.

I’ve known several people who are former addicts who have go on to give back to their communities and to other people & are way more empathetic & understanding than most individuals are in general.  I don’t like it when they are shamed or painted as a villain either.  I also know for the fact, it doesn’t really help them get where they want or may need to be either if they are thinking about recovery or having a hard time with it to encounter such short-sided stereotypes & stigmas as a yardstick for their success.

Let a great man rest in peace & remember him for what he did best –  creating awesomely expressive music.




6 thoughts on “Here Comes The Judgement…

  1. There is still a lot of love for Prince here; just gone done with our Grand Old Days parade, and a lot of participants were blasting his music and dancing to it, and there were even a few groups who were carrying cardboard guitars cut out like his symbol and painted purple. I know that once you step outside the twin cities metro area, everyone wants to be shitty about what took him down. Pain isn’t pretty. I would give just about anything to not be in pain anymore. Most people who haven’t experienced years of constant, crippling pain simply do not understand – this is not playground headache level shit. There are no days or even hours off. I was on multiple opioids for a year because the doctors had to leave a broken shunt in my brain while they tried to figure out what I was allergic to in the parts; most people can only handle a leak for a day or two, not a year. We’re not addicts, we just want to not be in so much pain.

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  2. Well sugar is 40 times more addicting than cocaine and causes many life threatening autoimmune diseases. You are right, we can’t judge with our silly little, uneven weights and scales. Good write.

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  3. Many people like to jump on the bandwagon of finger-pointing and blame. It is sad that Prince passed away at an early age. It is even sadder that he was in constant pain. Let us grieve two-fold: (1) for all those who live with chronic pain, and (2) for Prince’s passing (alone).

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  4. Well said.

    I was waiting for people (reading about it on the ‘net) to jump on him. I think it stems from jealousy, dissatisfaction with themselves, Ignorance (not considering what it may be like to be in a chronic pain person’s shoes), and, of course, pushing their own agenda against opiods.

    All the best, Nikki

    🐻 💜 🐞

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