Nick Valentine Got Annoying So I Threw Him Over For Deacon…

My friends have me playing Fallout4.  It’s fun. I do enjoy it, but I’ve been looking at other things to play too.

I have Fallout Shelter on my phone & ipad & it’s fun, as well as Exploding Kittens on my phone. When I remember, they are a good way to kill long waits.

[If someone else has Exploding Kittens — you’ll have to let me know. I don’t know anyone else who plays the iphone version (yet).]

I’ve also been watching my friend play FarCry Primal which is interesting.

But I’m thinking I’m going to download a few games from Steam to just let off just that…

They have some good free games too that I think I’ll check out…but to vent off some of this election cycle frustration Democracy 3 looks really enticing. It’s a political sim.

The reviews seem good & I want something I can pick up and put down at my leisure too that’s not my usual puzzle game or Frogger type game I usually wind up playing.

The other type of game that looks interesting to try is a visual novel. They look like a choose your own adventure or similar to the Walking Dead game by  TellTale that came out a few years ago.

I’m hoping something like that will also help me with my writing/creative block. I just haven’t even felt like picking up writing again, but maybe it’s because I don’t have my imagination pushing me to do so like I did before all this.

Escapes are important. They are a valid form of self-care.

I know there’s a sim out there called “Big Pharma” & another game that’s a surgery sim by the makers of “I am Bread.” Right now I’m specifically trying to move in another direction & not play any healthcare based games (even if they look intriguing)…

I would try Hatoful Boyfriend except pigeons weird me out…



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