There is No Olympics Of Illness…

I’ve been talking a lot about this subject lately, but this meme just sums the lion’s share on how I feel about things pretty well….


I get a certain amount of people who try to relate to me & my situation by comparing old wounds or try to make me feel guilty for venting on things that frustrating me by reminding me that “it could always be worse” or tell me that I could handle things better “if I would only….[insert treatment, snake oil, unsolicited medical or health advice]

Well, I understand their intent.  Sometimes people just need to let out their frustrations.  Some people talk, some people yell, some people sigh.   Venting out emotion is sometimes necessary.

I am no judge & jury over anyone’s hand in life, situation they are dealing with, or how they grieve or handle certain situations.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with life’s difficulties or situations.

However this one caveat holds true: The right & wrong applies as long as you’re not judging someone else in a similar position on how they handle their situation for themselves or trying to compare or “size up” degrees of illness or difficulty — like it’s a competitive sport.




6 thoughts on “There is No Olympics Of Illness…

  1. But have you tried magic healing unicorn tears? They have to be the purple ones though, the green ones are no use. And you have to stand on your head to take them.

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  2. That illness competition, I am all too familiar with it. I get guilty of doing against myself. Whenever my own things get me down. I tell myself I am not supposed to be down about it because people have it worse. But that invalidated my own feelings and is kind of not fair to me too. I hope I never do that to someone else. I try not to, but I know I have said publicly that things could always be worse.

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    • we are all at the end of the day human, Josh. I understand it to a certain degree & I’ve done it to myself too but I’m mainly directing this at people who use it as an excuse or defense for everything & to act foul & stank & judgy towards people. I’ve just seen so much of it lately in certain realms that it gets extremely frustrating & tiresome. I needed to vent that out in a way I think most of us can relate to :). I’m glad you shared your thoughts.

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      • Yeah, just made me wonder if I do it unconsciously. I know I have never told someone to keep quiet because there life isn’t as hard as mine, but some of the things I have said in general maybe could be interpreted that way. I hope not, but thanks for making me think about it.

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      • I know exactly what you mean. Those of us with health crises often have a lot of deprogramming we have to do towards ourselves & our doubting our ability to handle certain things that come our way 🙂 I’ve definitely done that myself & it’s a harder pattern sometimes to break within yourself for sure.

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