Election Day Musing On LA Times Article: Under New Oregon Law, All Eligible Voters Are Registered Unless They Opt Out

Since today is (primary) election day in my state, & I know people of all political stripes, I was looking for an interesting article that would reach to everyone going to vote today & might pique their interest.

I think I found one.

This LA Times article points to an interesting model to approach voter registration.

I happen to have some friends who are Oregonians who tell me how easy & how much they love this law because it already augments the voting process already in place.

That said, I think it could be a potential model for some states.

(Though I know the main complaint is that it puts too much burden/power in the states hands).

Still if it can work here, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work other places.

Also when looking at this, it struck me as a good potential model as well for starting a similar system to increase organ donation rates as well…

I think it’s a smart model on both counts when one stops to think about it.

I hope other states will follow suit in both cases.



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