“Drink From The Well of Your Self & Begin Again” – Charles Bukowski

For the past 8 years or so, I really have been wanting to write on a regular basis. Although, I’ve never felt right about rigidly disciplining myself to do so because when I have it comes off contrived.  Charles Bukowski did it on a regular basis through poetry, novels, & other works. It was more inspired than not (even he admits it).  But for me, it always just seemed to come when it felt like it; even when I would try otherwise to coax it out, until very recently. Feels like lately a day without blogging seems an incomplete day…

When blogging was a newer trend, I was still impressed by it;  both in its simplicity & beauty.  I was fortunate enough to have access to any number of health-related blogs I found fascinating; but outside that space I also found a few I would follow from time-to-time.  I follow several of my friend’s blogs religiously on a wide variety of subjects; have also found new bloggers & connections through both WordPress & Twitter.

I always knew I had a voice, however; that voice was not clear.  I toyed with any number of subjects & outlets & mulled them over as subjects, but none of them really rang true.

Yet, this has been different. While this is primarily focused on transplant advances, education, rare disease, & any number of other subjects that fold into this most recent journey of mine, I find myself each day, finding a balance; contemplating other things.  Other avenues & potential writing vehicles to face what I have endured in the past; what may lay ahead & generally anything I may keep hidden that may eventually decide to come out & present itself.

Professionally, it’s never really worked for me to do writing on a regular basis; even when I’ve tried heading down that path.  Even harder to edit my own material in one sitting. (I’ve done it a few times though on a volunteer level; when it has come together it has been fulfilling).

I obviously have the skills (have had that validated by several people over time), but do not have the advanced degree or “wowing” resume credentials to stay in contention past an initial interview on a professional level.  None of that in the end; matters, really. I see that.

I’ve toyed with various ways in my off-time to recover & develop this muscle.  Which I will, on my own timetable. I feel it coming to the surface.

One of the best suggestions my best friends (& supports) made to me recently was to write for other reasons than just this blog & the subjects that go along with it or just on subjects within my personal or professional “wheelhouse”, per se.

Sure, my blog is important, it helps me process;  it also helps me keep my foot in the door professionally (without actually having to be out in the workforce with the additional stress & weight of actively working a corporate day job).   But it’s equally important for other, & more personal reasons that need to be explored now that I have the freedom to do so.

It’s also proven science. This abstract from Psychosomatic Medicine & this article from JAMA also back up the science behind all forms of writing & its power to heal & transform not just personally; but even (potentially) medically.  I find this fascinating; as it was something I knew deep down all along but find it refreshing that medicine is finally recognizing the important potential of writing as more than just purely an art form.

How fitting for me to choose this subject on National Poetry Day. I’ve been writing poetry on & off since the seventh grade.  The theme is tempting; but I may just explore a new outlet soon for a different challenge & some new growth. Sometimes, stepping out of the old comfort zone to try something new is the best medicine for the soul.


2 thoughts on ““Drink From The Well of Your Self & Begin Again” – Charles Bukowski

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