I’m very lucky to even be here. Shortly after finishing yesterday’s blog post, I decided to get some air & some exercise. I didn’t make it over to exercise because as I was headed over, something incredibly scary happened…

I saw some car tires drift into my lane. It freaked me out, I tried to head to the shoulder.  I saw a flash & then boom! Airbag – the whole 9 shot out. Someone hit me, nearly head-on, despite my best efforts to avoid them.

I went to turn my oxygen up; get my cell out to call 911. Cell was not there. I left it at home.  I started rambling afraid no one would tell my friends. I couldn’t remember my friend’s number.  I was bleeding, there was glass everywhere (at least on my side).

My first thought “God, please let my lungs be OK.”. “Please don’t let them collapse.” Because of past lung collapses, this was a concern since both lungs are glued to my chest wall. I knew the brunt of my impact was in that area & I was concerned about it.

Turns out an elderly gentleman in a much larger vehicle hit me. I was told he was OK.

I was taken to the local trauma hospital.  Everyone on the scene there at the accident & here has been great.  I walked away with a rib fracture, but no other major injuries outside of cuts, abrasions, & seatbelt cut. Small price to pay. Today they had to keep me because I had developed some aspiration pneumonia & my pain & nausea was worse.

I did manage to walk a few feet with a walker today in spite of feeling the brunt of the impact pain-wise from the steering wheel, airbag, & seatbelt.

I wanted to at least try to walk. Everyone I talked to was supportive & impressed I even made the effort.

I was lucky that I have two great friends who have really been there the past few days to see me through & cheer me up.

Though this local hospital didn’t know about LAM & TSC per se, they did their best. About the only complaint was their unwillingness to call my transplant center to make them aware of the situation, but that’s minor.

I thankfully will be ok; may take a bit of time to fully heal but I’m fairly certain this will not impact my ability to list which I’m thankful for, but of course will confirm with my center.

My car is totaled. I still have to file the claim & get things going (which I will Monday) but as many people have told me; vehicles are replaceable; but my life is not.

I had a lot of good people & angels looking out for me.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. I say a prayer for you every day, Nicole. Hugs!


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