Turning A Corner

So this is going to be short & sweet. I have been out of commission because I was home about 4 hours and my friend had to run me right back to another closer hospital on Sunday night. My oxygen levels were very unstable & my home concentrator wasn’t near enough support.  This time I’m at a different hospital near my house; & getting much better care.  Actually being listened to instead of being fought tooth & nail like the other hospital.

I fractured my first rib on left side (dominant arm) & had a lot of breathing difficulties. Over the past few days, I coughed up some junk, most likely airbag dust that had caused the aspiration pneumonia. Last night, I finally felt I turned a corner. My constant pain was FINALLY managed (which it never was properly at the trauma center to begin with).

I’m actually moving air in my lungs again today much to my relief.

My car is a total loss.  Least of my worries (of course) but I had to finally scream on my auto insurance company a little to get them to stop calling since I’m still in the hospital.  Six calls in 3 days when I’m still in the hospital is a mite excessive.

I hope to be back in the blogisphere soon. But figured after this bit of a hiatus I could at least let people know I’m finally on the road to recovery and my lungs are still proving to be super resilient, even when they are weak.


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