Off To the Races Tomorrow

November is already shaping up to be busy.  I have several doctor’s appointments, mainly for car accident follow-ups, Social Security Disability verification, but also a few transplant follow-up appointments.  At my next visit with the transplant center mid-month, I’ll actually be given a timeframe of how long they expect my wait will be.  From others I know in my center’s support group, the timing average is usually a month either side of what they say (so if they say 6 months, for example, it could be as little as 5 or as long as 7) but still highly accurate.  For my own sake, I’m hoping that is true in my case & I’m not the oddball…(been there, done that, not always fun.)

I can say that I have some fun & great things going on this month to mix-in.

This Sunday, my friends who held a cookie drive here for me locally will present those proceeds to me for my medical fund.

My friends & family back in my hometown are planning a big pancake dinner & auction to raise additional monies for my fund as well.  I should, at some point, be able to Skype into that to say thank you.

All the spontaneity & creativity since I had to start fundraising has been remarkable to see, & of course, appreciated.

This month’s excitement is tempered by a few not-so-fun things I do have to work in. Like replacing my disabled placard (which I fear might be lost as a result of the recent car accident), my totaled vehicle; & probably more paperwork for all insurances involved with that mess.  That said, I venture & hope that there’s more fun involved, than not.

In my post on October 8 (the day of the accident) I was looking for new avenues to explore as far as personal growth, & of course, writing as a part of that experience.   I think I found the perfect springboards/challenges yesterday & today to do just that & stretch myself in this regard. Also I can now fold them in as healthy distractions to the rest of what is already mapped out for the month.

The first, is NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Produce a 50,000 word novel in 30 days?  Why NOT attempt it? I’m lucky to have some friends online & in real life that have participated & said it was well-worth it.  I also look forward to disciplining myself in this manner to see if I can meet the daily word count goal & try a new form of writing I haven’t even attempted (but yet come close to achieving the word count alone some days with my blog posts).

To me, it’s more about learning the process & just attempting it rather than actually having something published or ready to publish, at least this year.  I’ve often toyed with doing a novel, but never really set out for myself to even attempt it seriously.

Since I only found out yesterday about this challenge, I’m not that prepared, but maybe that’s better anyway.  Let it come, & then see what shakes out.  I look forward to this challenge also since there are also free local write-ins at spots close to me if I choose to utilize them. I can look forward to meeting some new people with similar interests & also change up my environment as I have time & energy.

To add the icing on the cake, I also found out about NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. There are some fun incentives for participating in this challenge too. It seemed a natural fit, since I do make an effort to blog daily.  I figured an extra challenge to keep this habit consistent wouldn’t hurt.  I’ve already done at least 20 entries this month alone (even in spite of the car accident mucking things up). I’m pretty sure I can meet this goal fairly easily.  You may see the below badge appear quite a bit on my posts for November.


These challenges will help me focus on balancing my time between all aspects of my life, including social media. I’ve been having some great exchanges there but have been spending a little more time on it than usual out of recovery & a bit of restlessness. I think these challenges will help me maintain a healthy balance & use my time on social media more effectively & constructively.  Even following their hashtags the past few days has already greatly diversified my feeds, which is a great thing.

However, to keep things fresh & creative, I feel these challenges will help serve as a framework for me to be sure to include other activities outside of writing & offline for added balance & inspiration like I had been attempting to do before I was injured.

But most importantly, it will distract me from my nervousness of going off my drug treatment in mid-November to ready myself for transplant listing.

As I’ve stated in previous posts, Rapamune has been the one & only FDA approved treatment to keep my LAM & TSC in check. I’ve been taking it since 2009, & it greatly helped up until this year.  (It still helps my kidneys). However, since it slows wound healing & is black-boxed for lung transplants I will need to discontinue it. Especially since no one actually knows for sure the exact date I will be transplanted, which is a different scenario than other surgeries.  I will need a month for the drug to clear my system before I can actually “actively” list.

I’m only a little nervous about that though, since I’ve had time to adjust to the news well beforehand & my kidneys are in a good place right now.

Yet, these challenges will be a creative way to work with my changing energy equation. They’ll provide a bit of structure but not too much & give me a healthy diversion so I’m not fretting my medical situation as much as I might be otherwise.

I’m really excited to see what happens with this month as it unfolds with everything in store.

Some of the greatest payoffs & life experiences I’ve had to date have come from trying new things that are not in my usual “wheelhouse”. I’ve also prided myself at attempting things (at least once) that put a healthy amount of fear into me in order just to do them & prove I can do them in spite of any fears. I don’t view NanoWriMo any differently.


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