A Few Answers

A few months ago, my numbers were unexplainably down about 30 perecent.

After some steroid pushes & medication changes, things were still looking a bit funky & my numbers still hadn’t risen,  so I needed another bronchoscopy (scope of my lungs).

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NaNoWriMo 2017: Plotober is Here

For the past two years I’ve written a novel for National Novel Writing Month.  It was a welcome distraction & radical departure from my life.

It also disciplined me to write 50,000 words in 30 days, which seemed really daunting at first but was actually doable.

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Finish Line Crossed

I’m glad I did NanoWriMo again this year.  Even if my novels don’t see the light of day, it’s good to be writing & for it to be fun. This year’s effort I just finished.  My program had more words than NanoWriMo’s official validator, so I had a bit of catching up to do, but not by much.  I know this one will need work too, but I’m glad it’s done.

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Halfway There…

Last night I hit 25,036 words! I consider this as pretty amazing for me considering how off my attention has been at points & how crummy I felt the first part of the month.

I’m still a bit behind, but not terribly. I still need less than 1800 words a day to finish on time. I’ve been doing over that pretty consistently or if I’ve fallen a little short, I’ve been averaging the new daily average or better which is around 1700 words.

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Stepping Back

I left social media recently due to some shaming & bullying.  It was just too negative overall lately. Even with articles that I used to enjoy reading & some pages it just seemed there was a negative feel to it & that any post or article anyone bothered to put up, someone had an issue with.

It wasn’t just the election, but that definitely made it worse.

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I Dared Myself & Won

Well, I accomplished my goal yesterday.   I finished something I had never undertaken before, a novel.  At 50,000 words it’s probably more like a novella, but it’s the basis of something good. I do know that.

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The Finish Line Is Near

Yesterday  I did something I wasn’t quite sure I’d do.  I hit 40,860 words on the National Novel Writing Challenge  I undertook at the beginning of the month.  For someone who has never even attempted a novel before it seemed daunting at first. I only had two days notice of the challenge, even though I had a friend & improv teammate who swore by it & has been doing it for years. I can clearly see why.

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Off To the Races Tomorrow

November is already shaping up to be busy.  I have several doctor’s appointments, mainly for car accident follow-ups, Social Security Disability verification, but also a few transplant follow-up appointments.  At my next visit with the transplant center mid-month, I’ll actually be given a timeframe of how long they expect my wait will be.  From others I know in my center’s support group, the timing average is usually a month either side of what they say (so if they say 6 months, for example, it could be as little as 5 or as long as 7) but still highly accurate.  For my own sake, I’m hoping that is true in my case & I’m not the oddball…(been there, done that, not always fun.)

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