Finish Line Crossed

I’m glad I did NanoWriMo again this year.  Even if my novels don’t see the light of day, it’s good to be writing & for it to be fun. This year’s effort I just finished.  My program had more words than NanoWriMo’s official validator, so I had a bit of catching up to do, but not by much.  I know this one will need work too, but I’m glad it’s done.

Today and yesterday were not great breathing days for me, so it made it harder. I also had to play catch up a few days because there were days I could not write at all, but still I managed. Only finished a day later than last year.

I’m glad I put forth the effort to try.   I can always rework these novels later.  It’s just nice to have a sense of accomplishment for finishing something of my own on my own.  I may try it again soon without a deadline. I know some people knock this program, but I’ve met a lot of cool people because of it that I might not have otherwise.  Plus, it’s productive, one of the few things I can still do,  no matter how I feel & that makes me feel good since I’ve lost a few things I used to enjoy doing.

I’m happy with my effort.  But also glad to take a break and maybe do some other type of writing that’s not as intense as this can get at times.

I’ve also decided to make a change with my blog, in December I’ll just post as I feel like it.  That may be twice a week, or only once a week or not on a schedule at all.

I still have some reviews and things I know I’ll want to include, but since not much is going on & I don’t want to talk about just the wait over & over, things may slow for awhile.

I think that’s ok.   Time for me to be selfish, instead of worrying about other people’s expectations & thoughts.




2 thoughts on “Finish Line Crossed

  1. Congratulations, and writing when you feel like it is taking care of yourself. I look forward to reading your posts when you are up to posting. (I have been doing the same thing, also. There is too many other equally pressing projects, and our time is limited.)

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