Stepping Back

I left social media recently due to some shaming & bullying.  It was just too negative overall lately. Even with articles that I used to enjoy reading & some pages it just seemed there was a negative feel to it & that any post or article anyone bothered to put up, someone had an issue with.

It wasn’t just the election, but that definitely made it worse.

I just decided to disconnect & I’m glad. It’s somewhat of a detox still.

I had a somewhat negative response to an older blog post today,  I deflected it much better than had that come a couple of days ago.  I was able to chalk it up to random invalidation of my feelings, judginess, & ignorance. I can live with that & tune it out.  (I just can’t fight it on multiple fronts like I had been. That’s too taxing these days & I don’t have energy to waste.)

I’m also starting to feel better (getting over whatever this crap was that had been going around & I had the last few weeks).

I was able to go out to the library today & for a change of pace hand wrote some of my novel.  I managed about 500 words of that, but it was an important back story I know I needed to write but wasn’t quite sure where I’d work it into yet.

Now, it’s out & written.  I can insert it when it feels right.  I think it also did me some good to get a change of scenery & environment to write in.  So that brief outing was a good thing.  Not enough to wear me out, but allowed me some room to make some more headway.

I’m a little behind on my novel days wise, but I still need less than 1800 words per day on average to finish on time (which is what I’m aiming for).

I’m hoping to do a bit more on Sunday & this week to catch up.  I do like how this is coming along & shaping up.

It’s been nice to have fun writing again whereas I was so blocked this past summer that nothing came out & what little actually did was crap.

With all my stress the past few weeks, it’s also fun to see some lighter moments come out of my writing, too.

I’ve also been catching up on a few other series that I used to watch to distract myself.

I’m already sleeping better.

I know I made the right decision & even if my blog readership drops off temporarily, from going off the grid of the net,  it’s worth the break to not have the stress.

I know I’ll miss certain people but I can come back after a month or after the holidays & be OK with it.

I just feel my life is already benefitting from this detox to a certain extent & that was the whole point.  I’m not missing it that much yet, either.

The final straw for me was people who take an anti-bullying stance publicly & have been bullied actually doing the bullying & shaming. Along with people with my rare illnesses deciding to cause fur fights over articles they clearly didn’t read that I posted.

I can’t get down with that.

I also don’t want to be stressed every time I sign on because someone’s looking to start a flame war with me or one of my friends every time we post an article or a status.

Time for some other things …some good energy to offset the negative.



10 thoughts on “Stepping Back

  1. Last night, I decided to deactivate my FB account. Living with a chronic illness requires an atypical expenditure of energy. I find the emotional content of FB posts negative, and I need a break from all of it. I am sorry that you have been having a tough time. Here is some good energy: I always look forward to your posts. They are articulate and interesting. Have a good day!

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  2. I can relate and it has been difficult at times to bite my tongue. The overall attitude has changed …… there is no middle ground, you either love us or hate us, your with us or your against us ………. there has been no middle ground, no stepping back and talking about an issue …. complete toxicity. 😦

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    • I agree DAP and I can see where certain issues are a trigger point for that. Yet I don’t purposefully put up comments with animosity. I try to understand what the stance is first and avoid personal attacks unless they start with me. I do have a bit of German, Russian and Irish blood which can make me strong, but only when they use a personal attack first. Which I’m not saying is right but it’s understandable when I feel I have to play defense on a low blow


  3. I was worried when I saw you fell off Facebook, but I understand. I hope you come back refreshed. 🙂

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    • Yeah I tried to give people warning so they wouldn’t worry but I’m glad I have the Nano forum that way people can still contact me and it’s nice positive socialization and a way to keep in touch with people I don’t want to lose track of.

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  4. Sorry to hear it, particularly because your posts always seem level-headed and insightful. But I can see that the negativity you speak of is unavoidable and that stepping away is clearly the right move for you.

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    • yeah it was hard at first. There’s a lot of interaction I totally enjoy, but that was really clouded by what was going on. I think after my novel is done at the end of this month, hopefully things will have died down a bit & I can see where things are at. Then if I come back & it’s still bad, I’ll just bounce again and try after Christmas. We shall see. I just don’t have room or energy for this stuff right now, plus it’s more work than I want to do to have to go through my news feeds and friends lists right now & do more culling. 🙂 Better to just let things settle down and then do it objectively.


  5. Nikki, I saw a meme that seems to apply to your decision….”So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. This too shall pass.” We’ll all be thankful when YOU decide to resurface!

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    • we shall see what’s doing after my novel is done at the end of this month. If it’s still negative then maybe I give until after Christmas. I know you get it. Just trying to save energy for things that really matter & take a break from things that don’t as much 🙂


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