REBLOG: Owls In Tokyo

My LAM sister,  Sarah Poitras, has a wonderful blog.   She’s been traveling the world with oxygen & serving as a LAM ambassador to different countries, meeting sisters from all over the world.   It’s been fun tracking her travels.

I feel like I’m traveling vicariously when I read her blog, which is great because I’m listed I have a two-hour radius travel restriction since I’m actively listed.

So it’s nice to escape.

My friend Yukari,  traveled the world before her kidney transplant, (a few years back) having some great adventures.

I followed her posts as she went along & that was another great vicarious ride.

I just get a kick out of these types of blogs.

Yet, I wanted to share & re-blog this post because when I came across it, it really made me smile.

So many of us have heard of Cat Cafes now that they are popular & springing up in more places.

But Tokyo has something really unique…

Read on…

I’m not going to spoil the adventure for you.

Travel, Breathe, Repeat: Owls in Tokyo

(Photo Credit:  Photo taken from Sarah’s blog post)


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