Halfway There…

Last night I hit 25,036 words! I consider this as pretty amazing for me considering how off my attention has been at points & how crummy I felt the first part of the month.

I’m still a bit behind, but not terribly. I still need less than 1800 words a day to finish on time. I’ve been doing over that pretty consistently or if I’ve fallen a little short, I’ve been averaging the new daily average or better which is around 1700 words.

I do like how my novel has been turning out so far.

I did a bit of researching & outlining as I’ve gone, a change from last year, but I needed to because this is something different from last year’s effort.

Yet, it’s still a mostly improvisational, stream of conscience effort.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my wonderful Municipal Liaison but also my friend Nicki, who really has made a concerted effort to make me feel included from the first write-in & I attended last year. Several local writers I’ve met through meet-ups & write-ins have been very supportive too.  They know I have a harder time than in the past getting out, so they’ve made more of an attempt to do virtual things,  (which due to illness & other conflicts I wasn’t able to attend) but I think these few added events has brought our whole local group much closer, which is great.

I know this is not easy work to organize & do, so I appreciate her & the rest of the group for keeping this going year round.  They take turns hosting different events &  making them inclusive.  Not just for me, but for other people.  It’s not about being PC either, it’s a genuine effort to give us all a great base to work from that works for us.

It makes me happy because if I feel like revising or editing or doing the other nuts & bolts writing  I can past November.   It’s a full-fledged writing group & I just happened to stumble upon it just by taking part in NanoWriMo.  I feel so fortunate.

Above all, most seem like really sincerely interesting people that I might even be friends with even if I hadn’t written a lick in life.     That too is nice.

My novel is shaping out different than what I set out to write it, but better.  I like how it’s turning out.  Maybe others will read it & think it’s crap but I like what I’ve built so far.

Also thanks to Nicki’s packet of goodies she puts together for us,  when I’ve gotten stuck I’ve opened one of her envelopes based on how I felt stuck & it really has helped me.  I even have a few left to use.

But it makes me smile, knowing how my ML really wants to help me succeed as a writer but also wants to keep the fun element in.   She’s a super thoughtful person & I love following her blog.

Thank you, Nicki so much for your friendship & all you’ve done for us.  You’ve helped me & other writers grow through blocks, through laughter, over coffee,  giving us a space to gather & write & bounce ideas off.

The hard work you put into NaNoWriMo each year really shows.

I hope it gives you as much as satisfaction as I reap from having all of these great resources at my disposal.

You are a super ML & wonderful person for always being there when a creative spark needs a little help to get going.

To my other writing buddies in the blogisphere, spoonie land, locally, & everywhere else, I appreciate you guys too.  Sometimes I need just a nice little exchange or a bit of cheer to keep pressing onward, especially when my attention isn’t wanting to cooperate.

With you, it always happens when we both seem to need it.

It’s nice to know even though  I may feel alone in my writing journey,  I’m actually not. I can tell from those of you whose blogs I follow that what I’m feeling resonates with you, too.

But when you express that in a post, exchange, or otherwise, it gives me just the push I need to keep working through it. Knowing I’m not the only one wrestling with an issue helps.

This summer writing was not fun at all.  It was like being constipated in the head.  A horrible feeling much like it sounds.   So for me, I had to pack it in a little because it seemed the more I tried to circumvent the block, the more it took hold.

I was starting to wonder if it would be fun again, but I can say this NaNoWriMo has been fun & my novel has been too.

The fun is what keeps me coming back to participate & challenge myself year-to-year.

It’s been a nice distraction & escape from my transplant journey which has had plots, twists, & turns of it own.

I need more of that in my life….but appreciate this for what it is, now.

In fact, I’ve had so many ideas it seems crawling to get out of me, that I need to start writing them down so I don’t lose them.

The spark is back & it’s just on the verge of being a sustainable bonfire.

I like the imagery of that.

I may need to do more post NaNo.

Who knows?

We’ll see…







3 thoughts on “Halfway There…

  1. Yep, yer definitely gonna make me cry. :’) You’re welcome for all the things.

    Liked by 1 person

    • as someone who spent years as a leader & organizer for various organizations, it’s nice to have a place where I can just sit back & be, but I know what it takes to create that special space & it’s not an easy thing. Often also thankless work, so I do try for sure to express my appreciation to friends who I know go an extra mile to make something great. Everyone needs to hear these words from time to time to know what they do matters 🙂


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