Second Life Toys: Raising Awareness for Transplant & Organ Donation

I saw some news articles floating around about Second Life Toys & some pictures, but I went to their website for more information because I saw the video on Youtube. I think the idea is genius both for raising awareness of donation & transplant.

At the website, off to the side (depending on the browser) there’s an arrow or a three bar icon. If you click on it, there’s more information on the project. There’s instructions on how to submit a toy.

They even have a few small (& understandable) terms & conditions about the toys they will accept.

I encourage you to watch the video. It’s very enlightening.

I knew the rates of donation in Japan were low & this isn’t an often talked about subject, but I commend this organization for taking a unique approach to hopefully increase the rates of donation & increase understanding of the importance of transplant, not just in children, but adults.


second life toy





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