Food For Thought: Mark Liebenow on Organ Donation

Besides Tim Lawrence & Megan Devine, I also follow Mark Liebenow on Twitter. He also has great perspectives on loss & grief, but he also understands the impact of organ donation firsthand & does his best to make other people aware of how important it is.

I have a great deal of respect for donor families.

I am linking to these posts because Mark gives very touching & personal sharing of his experiences of donating his wife’s organs after she died. He also shares how donation has helped him deal with his grief.

Even though I missed the boat on featuring them during Donate Life month in April, I still think they are worthy shares for others who are considering donation.

The most recent essay he penned was done for  The Manifest-Station. Another guest post appears in the Huffington Post.  The last article is from 2014, so it’s a few years old & is a guest blog he did for Modern Loss.  All are different, yet meaningful.

After I read one of them I did tweet him about how much it meant to me that he shared his thoughts & account.  How much comfort it gave me too as a transplant candidate.  He was kind enough to wish me well & always thanks me for following & retweeting his content (as he has so much of it).

I wrote him for permission to link to them, just because I was using more than one & he graciously agreed to let me because he knows how important organ donation is to us both.

Yet, I think he deserves his own special shout-out here for what he’s doing personally to promote donation with sharing these accounts.

Thank you Mark!



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