No More Dual Listing…For Now

I had to cancel my appointment with Johns Hopkins because I was sick. I’ve been sick since about last Wednesday night, but went to the doctor Thursday.  I’m still recovering, but I knew even on Monday I wouldn’t feel up to going to Baltimore yesterday.

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Aches & Pains Not From LAM/TSC

When this posts it will mark the anniversary of a scary moment where I thought my  transplant listing would be completely derailed.

On the 8th, a year ago, I was in a very serious car accident that could have ended my life.  I remember that time because I fought so hard to recover & it was excruciatingly difficult.  I was hit head on by a reckless driver as I was going to exercise.

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What A Week!

So my local lung doc busted butt at my appointment on Friday & got my transfer with my previous supplier (before the debacle of this one that cut me off) reinstated.

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Food For Thought: Mark Liebenow on Organ Donation

Besides Tim Lawrence & Megan Devine, I also follow Mark Liebenow on Twitter. He also has great perspectives on loss & grief, but he also understands the impact of organ donation firsthand & does his best to make other people aware of how important it is.

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Don’t Read If You Haven’t Seen House Of Cards

I’m a huge House of Cards fan.  Though I haven’t read the book, I have seen the British mini-series version right after the first season was up.  I love it.

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HOT BUTTON: Response To “Wealthiest – Not Sickest – Patients May Have Edge In Organ Transplants”

I saw this Science Daily news article in my Twitter feed after arriving back home after a cancelled Social Security Disability testing appointment today.  I was already a bit miffed because I should have gotten a call or notice it was cancelled but didn’t.   However, when I came across this article I was really ambivalent about it.  I know this is a known issue. I am not naive to the ethical issues it raises at all, but I’m not sure this is completely true.  At least in how this discussion is framed.

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