Week 1 Post Transplant Rehab Complete

I completed my first week of post transplant rehab.   I did a mile on the treadmill in about 25 minutes which I wasn’t sure I’d be moving at that great a clip so soon. So that was a pleasant surprise.

My checkup went ok, my capacity I have to work on a bit, but I know it will come. I didn’t get sick overnight, I won’t get healed overnight either.  Slow and steady, day by day I do what I can.

My mom and bestie were at the appointment so we did a review of where I left off before transplant & where I am now.  LAM had damn near obliterated my lungs. I was living on 12 percent of my lungs prior to transplant.  That’s how tough my old ones were.  I was feeling it but they hung in.

I took my first real walk outside to a local salon not far from the transplant house to get trimmed up last Wednesday.  The photo is in my About Me page.

Because my breathing has been so crappy for at least 12-13 years I feel an immediate difference with my new lungs.  I don’t gasp for air & I have the best breathing I’ve had ever, I think.

That’s a significant gift to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Continue to take things moment by moment, day by day.  The routine is starting to stick more, & I’m adjusting better to the drugs.  I of course have a ways to go.  But I am pleasantly happy.

Many of my past lung surgeries had a lot of complications. It’s nice to feel a bit ahead of the curve there.



4 thoughts on “Week 1 Post Transplant Rehab Complete

  1. I’m glad you are doing well. I’m so happy for you! Merry Christmas! 💚

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  2. Wow! You are already doing so well. Sending holiday wishes your way!

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  3. Hi Nikki, congratulations and great news that keeps getting better. Still knockin’ wood 4U!


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