Just a short entry for those who have been following my blog but haven’t heard.  I received my double lung transplant on December 2nd.  I was released from the hospital on December 13th.

I am quiet because I’m adjusting to new meds & new routines & I tire easily.  I had my first outpatient rehab session Thursday the 15th to get tested & baselines for starting next week.

I am staying at one of the transplant houses in the area and will be probably until late January or Early February.

I will explain more later, but I am grateful to be off oxygen and to be able to breathe.

I have some pain but it’s managed well & that’s to be expected.

I think that 5 months of pre-transplant rehab I did at home 3 days a week made a real big difference in my hospital stay time.  I have wonderful family & friends helping me recover.

I will keep this short for now.  I’m just grateful to be alive & in awe of my new lungs.

They are fucking awesome!

I will be forever thankful to my donor & his family for this second chance. I have never breathed so clear & deep in my life. It feels remarkable.

Two days before my transplant surgery, I found my father was seriously ill (I’m keeping details private not out of shame but to respect his privacy). We had some good quality time while I was recovering.

He’s tough like me.

We may not be near each other physically but we are always close at heart.  I’m glad he knows now that things are on the upswing so he can focus on himself too.




6 thoughts on “Transplanted!

  1. I am glad to hear you are recovering well! I am thankful for the gift you received. Be well, Nikki. I hope your dad is soon mended as well.

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  2. Hallelujah! Godspeed on your recovery Nikki. Breathe deep the new lease on life. Still KW4U!

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  3. What a year 2017 will be! So happy for you.
    (from a distant relative)

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  4. I follow your blog but somehow missed this fantastic news! I am so tremendously happy for you!!! Wonderful news!!! Enjoy your new lungs!!! Take care and have the best holiday season ever!!!!!

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  5. I’m so excited for you I’m in tears!
    To read how well your lungs are working, amazing.
    I too am forever grateful to your donor and her family.
    Best to you my friend.

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  6. I don’t simply “Like” this post …. I LOVE IT!

    Welcome to the “other side” of transplantation. Many adjustments will be made in your life, your medications, possibly even your own thought processes. Only time will tell. But, now here you are ….. now what? You may have or very possibly could have extreme swings of emotions as your body adjusts to all the new meds and if you are on higher doses of steroids, hang on for a wild ride. You might get the “shakes” as well, if you haven’y already. Every day is a new adventure. Celebrate the little things …. you deserve it!

    This whole “life after transplant” does get better and easier, but it takes time and patience.

    With all that …… I am extremely happy for you. Yell, if you need anything.

    Thoughts and prayers extended to your donor’s family. A true hero!

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