From Everyday Feminism: 6 Ways Your Social Justice Activism Might Be Ableist

One of my transplant friends had this article posted to her social media page.

I actually really like it & think it makes so much sense. It also explains the damage that ableism does in really succinct & practical ways.

It’s by no means a complete list, but certainly is a relatable one.

Definitely share-worthy.

I try extremely hard to stay apolitical in my blog.

I don’t like discussing politics here. It’s not the place for it.

I only bring these things up in context of voting or platform stances that might make my disabilities easier or harder to live with or things I encounter in life (like ableism) that are a drain to go through.

I say that here because for me this article wasn’t about politics or who is right or wrong. It’s about calling attention to issues that many of my friends & even some family members face on a daily basis, especially when we are disabled.

So regardless of how someone feels about social justice from a political viewpoint, it’s still worth a read putting that aside.

(Photo credit: photo taken from the article.)



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