Reblog: Everybody Has Something Wrong With Them

I first stumbled across this blogger’s wonderful blog when I saw a review post of the Quell pain relief device.  You can find her review in my device review archive page.

Recently, I came across another gem of hers from her “Wear, Tear, & Care” blog that I felt was worth a share.

Everybody Has Something Wrong With Them  – it’s true.

Lots of good food for thought here & observations of life with illness.

In that same vein, I want to congratulate Jen & also share her recent (& wonderful) HuffPo contribution, “How Long Have You Been Fighting The Chronic Pain System.”

What she talks about in this piece is very true of chronic illness life in the healthcare arena in general, but especially true & applicable for those of us who have chronic pain factored into the mix.

Thank you, my WordPress friend, Jen, for your powerful voice.




One thought on “Reblog: Everybody Has Something Wrong With Them

  1. You are such a darling!!!! Thank you for putting such a huge smile on my face. 😀

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