REBLOG: But You Don’t Look Sick?! – A Letter On Why I Hide My Illness

I came across this post & had to add it to my list of great content to share.  It mimics how I’ve felt for several years, even prior to the transplant journey entering my life.

But you don’t look sick?! – A letter on why I hide my illness

When I suddenly had to stop working in July 2015, it was hard.  I wasn’t just scared about filing disability & whether I’d actually have to jump through hoops to get approved, but my last safety net felt ripped out from underneath me.

In the past, no matter how sick I got I was somehow able at some point to keep working & return to work.  It was my bench mark of normal.  I often felt, well it can’t be that bad because I’m still working.  I can’t be that sick.

So that’s just one small instance of how this post resonated with me.

It’s been hard this past year to face my doctors & not downplay how I’m feeling because I had gotten so used to doing so for the sake of other people.   Yet, now I find myself trying to be more honest, at least with friends & family.   This blog has helped with that too.

Ultimately, I feel it’s healthier this way for me in dealing with my own situation, but I understand all too well both sides of the coin.

Some issues are universal regardless of official diagnosis.   Disability & illness (whether visible or invisible) can be hard to cope with some days.

There are days you just get tired of trying to explain it to others…



One thought on “REBLOG: But You Don’t Look Sick?! – A Letter On Why I Hide My Illness

  1. Nikki, after reading Laura’s post it occurred to me that the response you both should give to the question, “So what do you do?” Answer, I’m a successful writer with thousands of fans! What about you?

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