Fake Cheer Is Annoying So is Unprofessionalism

Yesterday laid me out for awhile.

I’m glad I had my bestie & my other friend for support yesterday.   It was the high risk donor meeting I had to miss a few weeks ago due to illness.

The only thing I knew ahead of time was that things were supposed to get started at 11:45.  We were supposed to be down there to check in by 11:30.

In reality the lecture by the surgeon didn’t start until noon.

It was fascinating & helped me understand more from a surgical perspective, reinforced some info that my surgeon had previously given me.  It also explained current transplant research which was great to hear.

What none of us had planned on was that there were meetings after the lecture.  We weren’t sent a schedule.

I don’t lay blame often unless I can squarely place it.

In this case I can, it was run by the same coordinating Nurse Practitioner who failed to call me on my listing day, but only called me 10 days after the fact once I inquired with my assigned nurse practitioner what my status was.

She introduced herself & said “Oh yes, we spoke on the phone” like nothing had happened.  No apologies for the miscommunications just overtly cheery & sunny as she led people in the room.

After the lecture, we were told there were a few people who wanted to speak with us.  Most of it was efficient, but then after awhile there was a long lag.

Right about this time it was at least after 2pm and none of us had lunch.  They brought us some juice at the start of the meetings but nothing else.   We kept looking & waiting.

Finally after a time (I’m guessing 20 minutes, not sure how long) this same NP says she needed to speak with us, but when we asked how long it would be because we wanted to beat rush hour she said “Oh just go, my part is dumb anyway”.

This to me seemed pretty unprofessional.

I plan to bring it up to my transplant doctor next week at my appointment, just to find out who I can have a conversation about such things with.

Not to get anyone in trouble, but just as a point of constructive critique.  The team has been very open about wanting honest feedback along with the way about what works & what doesn’t.

I also wanted to mention it because I’ve had a tough few weeks physically & emotionally & it stressed me out some not being able to fully prepare for this ahead of time.

Not to mention, it wasted my friends’ time as well.

We could have all had a few extra moments to decide what to do for lunch & decompress before the drive back.  Instead we somewhat quickly ate the first thing we saw at the first opportunity  after being held up hours longer than anticipated & then drove back avoiding worse rush hour madness but still running into enough it.

Seems like small potatoes but it is the little things that matter. Especially when every ounce of energy counts.

Is what it is I guess… but there has to be a more efficient way of doing things or better communication out front of what everyone can expect.

I’m glad I can at least be honest with the program about things like this. It does help.  Hopefully will save someone else some stress down the line.


2 thoughts on “Fake Cheer Is Annoying So is Unprofessionalism

  1. Nikki, you talk > I listen & care > thanks for sharing! Love the title.
    Knockin’ Wood 4U!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good post! High risk donors are a very real thing. I was reading a few weeks ago that the profile of today’s donor has changed in the past 6 months due to the heroin epidemic, here in Ohio.

    And, I hear you on meetings that are as you described …… no details, vague timelines, and untimely starts.

    I get irritated just thinking about the subject.

    I wish you well, and hope you got something to eat.

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