The Advocacy Will Not Be Televised

There is no myth-busting today.  I saw one too many anti-donation & anti-transplant presumptive articles come up in my feed when I came home.

I think it’s my cue to go on social media lurk & or blackout mode the rest of the week, because right now it’s not something I can handle without seeing red, & I’m supposed to be trying to stay calm.

I may blog (or I may not), but right now I am not in the position to be emotionally drained further than I am.

Don’t ask me what the article was about or its contents because I hid it immediately to put it out of my mind. This is so I wouldn’t be tempted to write a novel here or on someone else’s space about how untrue it is & then get a million more comments defending their side of said “argument”& get angered further.

Suffice it to say it was specifically written to compare degrees of disability for one & then instill fear & politics into how such transplant decisions are made & taken into an account. In a pointed one-sided way. 

It wasn’t a full exploration of the process or a test case where there were faults or areas to be improved. 

Instead it was exploiting both sides. Trying to pit them against each other & insinuate whose life is worth more in the end… Classic yellow journalism.

I have no fight in me left to waste on people who think they know the process. No time for people who presume this then & don’t even want to sit down & discuss it with a real person who went through it. They just want to assume & spout off on what the process & experience is like & rail against it with only a biased article to back them. They’d rather infer what they want to from print instead of really having a conversation in real time.

I’ve been having a tough time as of late but I’m not going to add to it by getting fired up about a bunch of anti-transplant articles & people presuming to know the process or what I’ve been through, because they have no idea. People who believe these types of articles without question can keep their fake support to themselves as well.

Part of my difficulties have stemmed from routing out people who are not supportive or who don’t understand emotionally what this journey entails & they’d rather judge, or offer unsolicited advice than actually support. I don’t let go of people that easily but have to start letting go of those who cannot respect me or my experiences & would rather judge and belittle. 

I can’t deal with articles like this calmly – not now. Not today. I just have no more fight for it right now, even if I know it’s an important fight. I haven’t given up just know what battles are worth strategically fighting & this is not one that is worth wasting energy on.  Others clearly are.

I came on once just to check in with friends & family & what they were doing.

Instead I came home to a supremely negative & ignorant feed that trivializes my personal journey & others not just with the article, but the ignorant comments supporting it. So time to clean house again soon.

It’s just too exhausting to fight any of this with reason today.  I’m not wasting my breath on such things when I don’t have as much to spare.

If you really want to know how someone qualifies for transplant, what the factors are, what a person goes through, why don’t you ask someone? I’m sure they’d be happy to show you the qualifying criteria that goes into a listing.

They’ll more than likely share their experience in a more balanced & realistic way & provide you with more real credible information & point you to better sources than a slanted news article will.

Instead I guess some people would wax poetic on a minimally researched article that has a bias & an agenda out of the gate which is well-evidenced from the headline.

Unless you think the “friends” you know who are waiting are too privileged/entitled or some how bucked the system or greased palms in their favor to get where they are at?

Then go ahead take comfort & trumpet your myths, conspiracies, & slanted journalism articles.

But do those of us on this journey a favor. Leave us alone.  Do it in private & don’t publicly verbalize how you’re mocking anyone’s fight for life.




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