Big Data in Organ Transplantation: Registries & Administrative Claims

Indulge my geekery here a minute.   I keep hearing several groups I belong to on Twitter but in the healthcare space talk incessantly about big data & why it’s important.  It didn’t really connect the dots fully for me until Macey Henderson tweeted out a link to this study.  

I found it so interesting to read further into how data collection is leveraged in transplant. Reading this does drive home what many people were trying to explain to me but I was still failing to grasp to a degree.

Mainly because they were talking primarily in just dollars & money or in a business of healthcare aspect but not practical use & application. I failed to grasp why someone like me should care.

I struggled to grasp it fully because with some concepts while I get from a business understanding perspective but to see the full picture, I need a concrete example. This way I can examine it clearly before I can pick apart to make sense of it myself.  (I just hadn’t found the right example yet until now.)

I know many people’s eyes may gloss over yet with this, but for those who are interested, I thought it was worth a share.  I’ve seen the big data “big deals” & “aha’s”  in some degree before in bits & pieces, but I truly do see it in action as far as transplant.

For some of us research junkies & hounds I was happy to link to the abstract above but I will point out the full article itself is open access & free to download here.

After skimming this (I’m still picking apart & digesting here or there), it was easier to see the big picture, both in how policy changes have come about & affected change but then also how this data has moved forward advances in the field as a whole.

I get the chatter now (maybe not all the ins & outs of it, but the light is on).

Finally —  researchers that took time to make it relatable with a concrete example of it in action.



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