I guess I find out what happens when you report an illness while you’re listed. No sooner than an hour after yesterday’s post did I come down with a wicked bug.  I rarely run a fever, but I had that & more.  I’ll spare you the other unpleasantness.

But of course this means I have to cancel my appointment for that meeting today.  Which probably means putting off the high risk calls for another month or whenever I can get that lecture rescheduled for.

I know my transplant docs won’t want me down there putting other patients at risk. Our immunity is already shot as a whole.  I just don’t know if they inactivate me a few days as this circulates or what exactly happens when someone reports something like this.

Looks like I’ll also be calling my PCP, see if he can get me some Zofran (anti nausea) medication to avoid some of the nastier parts.  Maybe they can call it in for me.  We’ll see.

Yes, I had my flu shot. I had the high dose strain. As a transplant patient it’s mandatory. One of the few (outside the pneumonia vaccines) we can actually get because it’s dead vaccine (as opposed to live like shingles or chickenpox or FluMist).  I have as a lung patient for several years now.  Maybe it will help keep it in check somewhat.

Anti-vaxxers can save their lectures, please.  I’ll hopefully dodge the ER by actually having it so I’l take my risks with it’s “perceived” problems…Thanks.

Yet if I go radio silent for a day or two you’ll know why. Or at least I had a post in the wings for Friday already that I can schedule.

Of all the rotten timing…. there’s no words for how supremely pissed I am right now.

Transplant doesn’t give you a free pass for run of the mill junk to skip over you. It just makes the run of the mill seem that much tougher to bounce back from.






2 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I’m sorry for your sickness and its lousy timing. I wish you a speedy recovery! ❤

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  2. Nikki, so sorry to read about the untimely bug. Hoping you have some telemedicine options available to possibly stay ahead of the situation.
    Knockin’ Wood 4U! (get well soon)

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