There’s No Place Like Home

I have been away awhile.

Since the last update I did have to go back to the hospital and was there most of January.

Turns out, the rest of my body didn’t like my first set of drugs (cocktail).  I’ll spare all the gory details, but it WAS NOT fun.

I now know how people develop phobias to certain things. I came close to developing one for vomiting.

Yet somehow, I healed & got back to rehab in the hospital. I was halfway done before I had to go back in the hospital.

I was discharged from pulmonary rehab today.

I had ups and downs that I’ll talk about bit by bit in the future.

I can’t tell you after this whole big step, how good it feels to be out of that room at the transplant house & back home (even though I’ve got a lot of unpacking to do).

I was home for just the weekend last weekend, but now — home for good.

I still have Christmas gifts ready to mail. (Better late than never).


13 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I’m sorry to hear that 2017 has given you a devil of a time! I hope you can stay home for good soon and that the rest of 2017 is better to you! Take care Dorothy! 😉

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  2. I was just thinking yesterday that it’s been a long time since we heard from you.
    So glad you are home.
    I don’t think anyone would mind if you gave them their gifts next year. 😆
    Take care of you.

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  3. You are a tough woman! Healing takes time, and you can do this!

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  4. What happened with your caregiver?


    • Let’s just say for now that they increased my stress level and questioned my autonomy & treatment decisions as well as being overbearing. Also used my situation to social climb. That’s the cliff note version.

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  5. I started following you since you got new lungs and I´m so glad you´re home now!! Hugs!

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  6. Wonderful to have you back. We’ve been awaiting your return. Enjoy the view from home. KW4U!

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  7. I’m sorry that you’ve had a tough start to 2017. I can only pray that it gets better for you. Sending spoons and hugs your way!!❤️

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