Update – Resume Rehab Monday

I was in the hospital almost a month having my anti -rejection drugs evaluated. The team seemed torn whether I was actually sick with a bug at first with the way it happened or if I was having reactions from the drug cocktail and that in turn caused the agony. I don’t think they found out for sure, except I tested clean for anything that was going around as far as bugs.

I was down for the count, often too sick to text or call or even talk much with my caregivers or family once it hit.  They chalked it up to drugs and adrenal insufficiency (or so they call it).

(I actually now know how it feels to come close to having a tride & true phobia of vomiting, unfortunately.)

I’m out of the hospital but also starting over with my adjustments to the new drug cocktail.

So it feels like I lost a month and am starting over, yet I anticipated there was gonna be a blip somewhere with me because there always is.

I’m happy it was with my body and not with the new organs, that can be tweaked much easier over time.

My blog has always been fun. I need to keep it that way but I need to adjust to my drugs first because it affects my blogging.

I do have some reviews I need to do and I want to get them done but my mind and body aren’t cooperating on them so they aren’t getting done yet.

For now, suffice it to say I’m updating the blog so people know I’ll be going back into rehab this week and not in the hospital.  Thankfully I will pick up where I left off. Get a great start on those new lungs getting stronger too.  I miss my rehab people.  Some of my friends graduated while I was out, but I’m happy for them.

I hadn’t anticipated not being able to blog much post transplant of course or expound more yet of that part of the journey yet.  But I’m not quite there.

I hope to still post interesting things, talk & engage but right now I am going back to basics.

I still hope to post weekly updates like I had been of where I’m at with milestones, etc. here because I know people like to know and are curious.

I’m putting my superhero doll, Hope here to remind me I’ve come quite far with my post transplant life adjustments even if it doesn’t feel that way.


6 thoughts on “Update – Resume Rehab Monday

  1. It is a relief to hear that you have been well taken care of and that you are back on track for rehab. You did such a good job in getting your body ready for the big day that I’m sure that played a huge part in your ability to recover, whatever it is that laid you low. I hope that from this point forward everything continues to be better for you.

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    • thanks Chels, should get easier as I adjust to the new meds too. As you know, that’s such a crapshoot too. The tweaking they did I’m happy about it would have been a nightmare to manage outside the hospital going back and forth every day and such. This takes a backseat until I can have a clearer headspace but I at least wanted to let people know why I was so silent and that the problem wasn’t with the lungs. They are fine, which is the blessing in this too. I’ve avoided lots of crap, still trying to 🙂 Getting there tho.

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  2. I was glad to see a new post from you! I had been thinking of you. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. I hope they can figure out your meds. Always wishing you health and happiness! 😊

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  3. Absolutely delighted to have you back Nikki. Your adoring fans & friends will truly appreciate hearing whatever you have to share with us. We all breathe easier knowing that YOU CAN, and have the determination & will power to successfully complete your rehab assignment. KW4U!

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  4. So glad you’re out, and doing better! As much as I like these updates, I’m also glad you are putting self care ahead of everything else.

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