Article: When You Treat A Rare Patient Like A Common One – Bad Things Happen

I came across this article in Rare Disease Report & it did send chills through my body.

Although, it did not completely surprise me (as horrible as that sounds).

I’ve had my share of bad care & experiences & professionals not listening to me.

Yet, what this girl endured was truly horrible.

Considering the circumstances, I think the mother was showing more compassion to the professional than most would have afforded her in this situation.

I can only hope that it isn’t a wasted effort & that professional thinks twice before ever treating any of her patients in this manner ever again.

This is part of the reason why I make complaints when I get substandard care.  To hopefully avoid someone else being subjected to the same experience & to hold that professional accountable for their “care” decisions.

I really feel for what Carri’s daughter went through. She suffered unnecessary trauma&  suffering & added medical issues that could have been  completely avoided.

The fact that her daughter advocated for herself & was blatantly ignored also is disturbing.  A patient always has the right of refusal.

I’m just glad that though this was a painful experience Carri saw through it & chose not only to share but also hold this professional accountable for their behavior.

Not everyone has the strength or compassion towards someone who essentially maimed their child to try to make the professional & the hospital where this occurred better (which I think her actions may stand a chance of that happening).

I commend her for that approach & doing it in a way that hopefully it will have maximum impact.

(Photo credit: Picture of contributor [Carri Levy] taken from the article.)


One thought on “Article: When You Treat A Rare Patient Like A Common One – Bad Things Happen

  1. I hope you find out the outcome, I’d love to know. I hope that dr can be saved, can learn something, but I fear if she did this in the first place she isn’t going to care what the patient feels.

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