REBLOG: Fight For Yourself!

This post by Kim Fredrickson was a great reminder to me.

Though I couldn’t even get the battle for liquid oxygen going as an option around here, my recent supplier issues & past red tape “battles”  brought some important reminders after reading her post. It also resonated deeply since I often use similar tactics to approach my healthcare “wrinkles”.

I hope it might help others too.  That’s why I figured it worth a share.

I’m glad someone in our transplant support group shared it with me.

It had some nice general principles for people who might just be starting on their self-advocacy path.

Kim knows about the journey of chronic illness all too well.

She had breast cancer but complications led her to develop pulmonary fibrosis, so she is now on full-time oxygen.

Due to her deteriorating health from that disease, she’s had to give up her full-time marriage & family therapy counseling practice & life coaching, but she’s written a book & maintains a blog.

I think many of us can appreciate Kim’s struggle & tenacity.

I like how she has faith & mentions her faith in God but doesn’t come across as overly “preachy” either. She’s just realistic & encouraging with small but actionable ways to get people moving in the right direction if they aren’t sure where to start.

Or, simply a shot in the arm in the middle of a battle that they are doing right by themselves & reminding someone it’s worth the effort.






2 thoughts on “REBLOG: Fight For Yourself!

    • Oh yes – only way I’ve even made it this far was by believing this fact to be true above many others 🙂 but a good pep talk reminder occasionally that I’m not off base with that ever certainly helps 🙂


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