Health Tracking Fatigue

I make no secret of how many apps & devices I use to manage my health.  I started out a little over a year ago with a Jawbone to help me drop a few pounds to find out whether my breathing would improve then it lead to more devices & apps.

I do a good share of logging & tracking because I get good info out of it & it makes my doctor appointments run smoother. It also helps me reconcile things like if I’ve taken my medications & inhalers so I don’t forget (as I sometimes am prone to do with lower oxygen levels because it makes me forgetful at times).

I track my pain so I know how frequently it occurs & if it’s getting worse.

I track my weight, food intake, & exercise.

I also use a wireless oximeter for exercise to make sure my oxygen levels are on the up & up & make sure I’m getting enough oxygen from my tank or my portable.  Also use the oximeter to be sure my heart rate doesn’t get too high.

The tracking I do I report back to my doctors because some of it can definitely affect my scoring.  It’s all helpful.  But sometimes I just get tired of having to do it.

I’m always on the hunt for better apps that I can integrate with existing devices  & apps I already use so I can run everything through a handful of apps versus several separate ones. I haven’t found just one that integrates or imports all I need it to in one, but I’ve come close. There’s one I’m trying out but I’m not sure if it will do what I want it to, yet.

The majority do at least write to Apple HealthKit so I have a lot of it in one area if I ever need to pull any or all of up quickly.

Sometimes I forget to charge my Fitbit so my weekly averages are off.

I don’t get too concerned when that happens but I always know it because I wonder why I’m not moving as much. Then I remember, oh yeah, it’s dead…

I don’t do any of this to be perfect with it, just to have a better picture of what’s going on.

Especially since things are changing so much so quickly now.

I also use apps to transfer medical records to different offices if need be, view test results, & send messages to my transplant nurse practitioner & doctor.

All of this digital capability is awesome & it does save time but it is still a time suck.

Yet, I guess it’s just practice now, because I’ll have even more vitals & info to track post transplant.

I don’t beat myself up if I don’t get every meal into MyFitnessPal. I’ve kind of gone to just logging ones that I’m not sure even remotely what the calorie counts are primarily just so I can continue to make healthy choices, the rest comes along.  Or logging a few just to be sure I’m not severely deficient in calories on days I’m exercising.

Some of this I can only do so much (especially on weekends like this where I’ve been having pain spikes and some lower energy levels).

It’s just sometimes I wish I didn’t have to track as much as I do, but it’s the only way I can really stay on top of things like I need to, so I continue to do it.  But I just do my best with it.  I keep telling myself I don’t have to be perfect, just consistent… enough.

Hopefully, the technology will continue to improve to assist me in finding even more shortcuts as time goes on to make this even more streamlined.




4 thoughts on “Health Tracking Fatigue

  1. Good post!

    I am also a huge tracker of ALL things in regard to my health. It does keep one focused and shows trends that even the tx coordinators can miss. My spread sheet started the day after I arrived home post transplant ….. I’ve been tracking for nearly 3,300 days now.

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  2. Seriously, sometimes I want to throw my phone across my room like an angsty teen just because I have to mark my reminders for my pills and my water intake. You rock.

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    • yeah, I don’t know I may be close to an all in one but it still doesn’t write to health kit I don’t think…so while it might log it all in one it won’t show trends. I need to tweak a bit more I think. You know me, I’ll keep trying to figure some trick out because it will drive me batty until I do 🙂

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  3. btw – I probably should track my water intake (to make me drink more water) but I don’t 🙂


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